Room temperature advanced sterilizer.

Have you ever washed your teddy bear? How many times per year? How about odor from your shoes after a long day? Clean Box is an advanced sterilizer which doesn’t use chemicals, steam and high temperature. You can put your items inside press a button and wait for a while. Your kid’s toys, shoes and other items will be deodorized, sterilized and refreshed. No odor, No bacteria growth, No virus, No germs. Sterilizer releases reactive oxygen species which kill bacteria, virus and germs. It decomposes volatile organic compounds e.g. formaldehyde, methanol, acetone in the air. As we know low cost plastics release those VOCs which can bring you cancer. Stop pollutants. Protect your items, protect your family, protect yourself. This sterilizer runs in turbo, medium and silent modes. It is good for various occasions and materials.


No high temperature
Fights pollutants


  • Household
  • Health Care