Superhydrophobic nano coatings (Lotus effect)


Our mission is to provide valuable solutions to the community. Nano technology for industry and household products. We are happy to present following products:

    Filter for oil and water separation. It is useful for removing oil products from water. It can be installed into air and gas compressors. One of the most important applications is removing oil and fat from drain water and sea/river oil spills. This filter repels water but oil can go through. Protect environment and your food from oil contamination.

    Superior water repellent tent for tourists. Water droplets on the surface due to super hydrophobicity roll down and remove dust and other micro particles away a.k.a. self-cleaning surface. Moreover, this coating protects material from harmful UV rays. No more decoloring of your tent. No more, heavy wet tent after rainfalls. No more freezing. No more corrosion. Be light, feel comfortable everywhere.

    This is a water repellent bandage. Magic bandage which can be covered over regular one in order to protect from moisture. Wounded hand? Orthopedic cast? Did you doctor say “No shower!”. We can save you. Our bandage simply repels water. Take shower without feeling uncomfortable. How is that possible? This is not a spray. All secret is in nano crystals grown on the surface of material. Volume between crystals contains gas e.g. air which becomes like a pillow for light water droplets lifting them up and not allowing to be absorbed into the surface. Concluding above mentioned statements, we can say that our magic crystals protect valuable items. Nanotechnology at home – future has come.


Water resistant


  • Textile
  • Automobile industry
  • Building
  • Filtering